Out of Tune

Music: Haber, Ikonen, Backlund , Rajamaa
Lyrics: Haber

This is the moment that I should just say S.E.I.S.
This is the moment I know I chose the wrong way

Another round of the shots
Can’t believe my eyes
Another dose of the stuff messing up my mind

How did I get so shamefully lost this way
How did it happen? I know there are rules to obey

It’s all a mess, I’m alone with sweat on me
Don’t wanna watch all the things that it makes me see
I can’t stop taking it though I keep on trying

Baby I’m out of tune
And I can’t get it in
Guess I’m fun for your
As I swim with the sin
I wanna get out of tune
Cause it feels like being in love
Baby I’m out of tune Cause of you

You are the one who can mess up my head
I can’t stand the love inside and it makes me sick

Another round of the shots
I can’t feel my hands
Another dose I’m to scared to understand
I can’t stop doing this though I keep on trying

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