Nothing Is Over

Music by Samu Haber

Don’t turn away
There’s still time
A tiny moment

Don’t let go today
We can still shine
We are not broken

Scares to see that we are
A step away
The one to take us one-way wrong way

Say nothing is over
Though everything’s crazy
Be brave and trust me
It’s not a game over

We gotta try harder
You gotta stay with me
There’s nothing we can’t reach
‘Cause nothing is over

I won’t turn away
‘Cause I can’t hide
The pain would find me

Don’t send me away
I’m on your side
That’s where I want to be

Seems to me that we are
Just like the rest
And we could use a word of guidance

I hate to see that we are
One step away
The one to take us one-way wrong way

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