I Can Break Your Heart

Music: Samu Haber, Aku Sinivalo
Lyrics: Samu Haber

High heels fit your confidence on the dance floor
They all sit and eat you with their eyes, yeah
You think you are too good for anyone
I can do you a little favor
I might bring you down before you rise too high

I can break your heart
’Cause you need it O’ baby
You’ll have a better life
when you’ve been through that
I can make you cry
And you’ll be a better lady

Baby, you don’t need the guys
With fast and shiny cars
It ain’t what you’re looking for
It’s an average guy who takes you far
You think you got a heart of stone
Behind your shield, yeah
Some day some neighbor boy’s
Gonna get you girl
And melt you down

I can break your heart…

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