Fan tour book 2007

Do you remember the first big tour, that Sunrise Avenue did in Fall 2007 – rocking all around Europe? 26 concerts in 4 countries were on their schedule. WOWSA!

This was not only super exciting for the band, but also for us fans! That’s why our planned tourblog should become at least as big as the whole tour has been. Big – BIGGER – SUNRISE AVENUE!

So it happens that we ended up with over 1,500 pictures and about 100 concert reviews. AMAZBALLS!
Now – why put those special memories „only“ onto a website, when you have enough material for a whole book?

And we did what we had to do: We created the design, found little pixel fairies (= fans who were able to handle Photoshop and could design a double page in the book for one of the concert towns) and made the book!
The whole thing turned into an amazing, unique fan tourbook – entirely made by fans – for fans. And was almost as good as the tour itself. Why „almost“ as good? Because you cannot enter music into the book to get the whole concert experience. 😉

This special piece of fan history could even be handed over to the band – who completly freaked out (in a positive way of course) and maybe a tear or two in their eyes.
We also let the guys sign three additional printed copies of the book, which we later gave away to fans in a lottery.

Now – seven years later – you can still feel this absolutely unique energy, the fascination and the goosebumps moments, when you go through the book. And Sunrise Avenue are still giving all those things to their fans nowadays.
Come back with us into the past, and relive that special tour while looking through the fan tour book in our gallery.

What do you think, can we again create something similar amazing? YES? Well then, check back with us soon, we are planning something… Muahahaha!

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