Aim for the Kill

Music & Lyrics: Samu Haber, Sharon Vaughn, Carl Björsell

Oh, no driven by alcohol and need
Oh, no trying to convince you not to leave
Who’s gonna be the first one to let go
Who’s gonna be on my side of the door

Oh yeah, the last dance was a slow one but worked pretty well
I ought say something but I’m out of words, oh hell
Who’s gonna be the sad one if you go
And leave me on the wrong side of the door

I’m just another guy
Trying to fill the night
Aim for the kill
I aim for the kill
I’m just a normal guy
With just a classic line
Here for the thrill
I aim for the kill

I’m coming completely clean with you
Don’t want to insult you with anything but the truth
OK, here’s the deal I won’t apologize for coming on this strong
I might be rushing things but it’s been too long
Who’s gonna be the first one to let go
Who’s gonna be the first one

I’m just another guy…

Oh no you’re staring at me waiting for my final move
You know how this will end real soon and I know you want this too
Baby feel my heart beat heart beat breaking breaking me in two
I’ve been dying for this moment for too long with someone like you

I’m just another guy…

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